Dog Trick Training Course

Our comprehensive 2 day trick training course has been designed to give you the knowledge and skills to train a dog in a range of mentally and physically stimulating tricks.


Trick Training – 2x Six Hour Sessions

Do you have a bored dog that is destructive and not enhancing your family life? Do you want him or her to start using their brain and increase the bond between you? Many canine behaviour problems are caused by boredom or a lack of mental stimulation. Mental enrichment / stimulation is just as important for dogs as is physical exercise. Mental enrichment activities such as trick training result in improved mental health and cognitive function in dogs. 

Our Trick Training course Is fun for both dog and human, it teaches patience ( for you and your dog ), it will increase your dog’s confidence, help your dog with distractions, let out your dog’s excess energy, and strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

Any breed, size & age of dog and is welcome.

Course costs:

– $600 per dog (excluding GST)
– $177 per hour 1 on 1 training (optional) 

How this course is delivered:

Your dog’s journey through this Course will be 1 on 1 training & will be centred around your dog’s ability not as a group. You will be able to view and learn from each dog and handler upon their turn. This is extremely beneficial for your training future. Every dog learns at progresses differently so the more training you can be exposed to, the better understanding you will have regarding dog training and problem solving. We ask you to come with a couple of “wants” and “don’t wants” so that once the base level is understood we can start working on your wish list.

On day 1, we will complete a theory component, this goes from 9am till morning tea. During this time, we will explain to you the theory behind operant conditioning and use of a clicker to mark the dog and the reasons behind utilising a clicker to clearly communicate with your dog.

We hope you will complete this training with a good understanding of operant conditioning, be able to go forward and continue to develop and train your dog in trick work. This will in turn lead to a better relationship between yourself and your dog. By completing these fun activities with your dog, you will see the benefits behind exercising your dog’s brain and not just its body.

We are hoping that you will then take these skills home and transfer them onto other dogs that maybe in your family either now or in the future.

At the completion of the Course, you and your dog will have the foundations for the following:

– Hi/Bye/Wave
– Sit Pretty/Beg
– Back Up
– Jumping over arms (modified to suit any level)
– Hide in a Suitcase
– Walk on Your Feet
– Play Dead and or Go around an object as substitutes

Included in course cost:

• Clicker for marking the behaviour you want.

• Morning tea: cake/ biscuit, GF biscuits / dip / carrots / fruit

• Lunch – mixed sandwiches & wraps are provided. Salad, ham/salad, chicken/salad, egg & lettuce. Please note these are made by our local Bakery and do not provide GF options. If you have certain food requirements a microwave / fridge is available if you would like to bring your own lunch.

• Tea, hot chocolate, coffee

Your Lead Trainer – Jess Kaddatz

Since 2013, Jess has been breeding and training Border Collies, as well as Qualifying and working as a Veterinary Nurse. She’s been to countless seminars and workshops with behaviourists, veterinarians, handlers, and performers. After purchasing her 6th dog, Zep in 2016 from The Flipping Disc Dogz, she was persuaded to do Freestyle Frisbee and hasn’t looked back. Since then, her dogs have won countless awards and titles in tricks & frisbee, including State Champions for Freestyle, Games and Toss and Fetch. Both

Jess & her K9 Team have performed in the stage show “Let’s Be Friends Furever” at Brisbane Powerhouse and Gold Coast HOTA. Have given interviews with ABC, channels 9 and 7. Performed regularly at Eat Street Northshore, a few school visits and own the first dogs to perform a “death roll” and “trust fall” in Australia.

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