Intensive Obedience Course

Follow our basic methodologies to ensure your new furry family member adds to the Houses quality of life and does
not distract from It.


Intensive Obedience Course – 4 days

Aim & intended outcomes:

This foundational course will provide the building blocks for a strong relationship between dog and owner. Our aim is to provide education to the dog owner so they leave with the tools to train and problem solve, resulting in a well-balanced family dog both at home and in your community – Training & Education is Foundation!

Who is this course suited to?:

Puppy owners with a puppy aged between 8-20 weeks

Course costs:

• 1 dog, 1 person $1,380 (including GST)
• 1 dog, 2 persons (from same family) $100 extra for the 4 days.
• 2 dogs, 1 person will be an extra $700 for the 4 days.  1 dog will be crated whilst you are receiving tuition with your 2nd dog. There will be suitable crates available on site.

How this course is delivered:

This course is delivered by Dean Hansen, current Puppy Development Officer and Breed Manager for the Queensland Police Service Dog Squad and Nikki Bignell, with her diverse experience training and working with dogs for the last three decades.

The course will commence with the theory component presented on Day 1.

The majority of the course with be 1 on 1 training which means in addition to your own individual learning, you will view and learn from each dog and handler. The exposure to different dog’s learning and training will allow you to have a better understanding of dog training and problem solving in general.

The course is split over two weekends to allow you the opportunity to practice your training with your dog in the home environment.

We encourage participants to return on the second weekend with any issues you have encountered with training – video would be fantastic! – so they can be addressed with specific training feedback.

What the course will cover/ at completion you will have a working knowledge of:

– Sit
– Sit
– Down
– Stay
– On lead heeling
– Recall
– Watch / Focus
– Dog socialisation
– Dog nutrition
– Calming signals / dog language
– Building owner skills as pack leader to grow confidence in your dog to ensure a strong bond with your family

To book or to find out more:

To make any enquiries or book a session or program please send an email to Nikki at


The proof is in the pudding. See what our clients have to say about our services.

Our animals are what make our family and home whole. Liam and I have grown up with animals of all shapes and sizes and so the decision to have another pup join our close knit family was not a hard one to make. Whilst we had never raised a breeding dog, we were excited and confident we could take on the new challenge. In fact, when asked to attend Nikki and Dean’s Puppy Development Clinic, Liam was somewhat dreading of the session, believing we “knew it all”.

How wrong he was. Aside from Dean and Nikki’s hilariously engaging anecdotes, they equipped us with the confidence to better raise our brand new puppy. And whilst our adult moodle has always been quite set in her ways, these same learnings have caused remarkable improvements to her naturally anxious temperament… After just three days, new and positive habits are being formed, evident in both how we behave as puppy parents and our moodle. Going forward, Nikki, Dean and the entire team at Therapy & Support Animals Australia will be special partners in our puppy owning journey.

That’s why we were quick to enrol in the Intensive Obedience Course, certain that it would give us all the tools we need to raise confident, calm companions. To new and existing puppy owners, Nikki and Dean are worth their weight in gold. We couldn’t recommend them enough.

Kate & Liam
Intensive Obedience Course Participants 2021

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To make any enquiries or book a session or program please send an email to Nikki at:

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