One on One Dog Training

Follow our basic methodologies to ensure your new furry family member adds to the Houses quality of life and does
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One on One Dog Training – Hourly

Aim & intended outcomes:

One on One training is personalised training for the handler and the dog in front of you. Our aim is to provide dog owners with the tools to teach and correct behaviours in a way that builds confidence in you as the handler and your dog. Our desired outcome is always a well-balanced family dog both at home and in your community.

Who is this course suited to?:

– Dog owners who wish to develop and advance their dog to be able to be a social, well mannered, healthy member of the Family.
– Dog owners who do not have the time to commit to our 4 day Intensive Obedience course.
– Dog owners whose dog may be too distracted to learn in a group environment or is reactive to other dogs
Anyone wishing to train their dog to be a Therapy or Support dog
– Dog owners who feel that have a reasonable level of obedience but would like further tuition on a one on one basis to refine behaviours or to Proof the behaviours in another environment
– Dog owners that would like locational training so out in the “real world” not in their house or our training development… to proof the dog

Course costs:

– $220 (incl. GST) per hour, by appointment

How this course is delivered:

One on One training can be structured to suit your circumstances. Courses may not work for a family with a busy schedule so personalised training is specific for your dog and your family.

We can work in your home, at my property, out in the real world or a mix of all. The use of video footage of issues you would like to address is invaluable and can assist me in preparing a management and training plan.

From the initial meeting the Instructors will put together a Training Plan which will give an indication of the number of sessions required to meet the desired outcome.

What the course will cover/ at completion you will have a working knowledge of:

 – Advancement of foundation work from Intensive Obedience course

– Behavioural issues as your puppy grows into an adolescent
– Indoor and social manners

 At the initial planning meeting between the owner and our Instructors, we will discuss your goals for your dog and any current issues. An assessment will be completed on your dog.

 If you are having specific problems that you would like to concentrate on, we ask that you capture some video of the behaviour preferably leading into the behaviour, of the behaviour and after the behaviour for the Trainer to review.

To book or to find out more:

To make any enquiries or book a session or program please send an email to Nikki at

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To make any enquiries or book a session or program please send an email to Nikki at:

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Interacting with a therapy animal releases endorphins making people feel better, diminishing feelings of pain, depression and loneliness. Having a therapy and support dog visit your workplace can help create conditions conducive to a more productivity and give your clients a stress-free environment..


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