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Follow our basic methodologies to ensure your new furry family member adds to the Houses quality of life and does
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Puppy Development Clinic – 4 Hours

Aim & intended outcomes:

Giving new puppy owners the knowledge to survive the important early weeks of bringing a puppy home; to build a strong bond between owner and puppy and to raise a well-balanced, happy, healthy and social puppy – Start how you want to finish!

Who is this course suited to?:

Puppy owners with a puppy aged between 8-16 weeks and also very valuable for those waiting for the arrival of their puppy – best to be prepared !

Course costs:

$302.50 for 2 Adults
$310 for 24 hour access to the online clinic – link below. Please not that the 24 hour access begins at enrolment and payment.

How this course is delivered:

Our courses are relaxed and you are encouraged to ask questions throughout the presentation. A detailed clinic booklet covering all of the topics discussed on the day is provided. At the end of the Clinic, there will be time for a training demonstration with a puppy, teaching them recall and a sit using food as a reward.

The main content of the course is presented by Dean Hansen, current Puppy Development Officer and Breed Manager for the Queensland Police Service Dog Squad. He will take you through everything you need to know from picking up your puppy to 16 weeks of age. Dean’s presentation will also include some fantastic training videos.

Nikki Bignell, with her diverse experience training and working with dogs for the last three decades, will take you through health and wellbeing tips and Puppy essentials for success at the Vet and Groomers.

What the course will cover/ at completion you will have a working knowledge of:

Getting Puppy Home:Getting Puppy Home:
– Family discussions for all to be on the same Puppy page
–  What to do when you first get Puppy  home
– Crate training 
– Letting Puppy know all of his new family is his Leadership Team – even the small running humans.
Puppy Lessons:
– Toilet training
– Socialisation
– Basic grooming and preparing puppy for Vet visits
– Teaching your puppy how to swim
– Basic obedience commands ie sit, down, come
– What to feed your puppy
– Using food to train dogs

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The proof is in the pudding. See what our clients have to say about our services.

We attended the puppy development course 2 weeks before we bring our pup home. It was so beneficial doing the course prior to getting our pup, we now feel more confident in what we need to do to have a happy, well adjusted pup without making mistakes that need to be corrected later. We will be back for the obedience course when she is old enough. Highly recommend.

Puppy Development Clinic 2021

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