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Our Stay and Train program has been developed for breeders to maximise the behavioural  quality of their puppies and future breeding dogs. This method has been invaluable to our breeding partners, and has helped them gain strong reputations as high quality breeders.


Stay and Train Breeder Program – 4 weeks

About this program:

The importance of correct training during the early stages of a dog’s life is clear to professional dog trainers and handlers such as Nikki. During Nikki’s long history of training & handling dogs, she found that the dogs with the most issues were the ones who did not have sufficient training, or guidance during their critical imprinting period.

This Stay and Train program was developed to be the most effective method of building the most healthy and desirable habits, behaviours and experiences necessary for your dog to
reach its full capability. We focus everything around calm clear headed behaviours which are essential for a future Assistance Dog / Therapy Dog / School Dog or family pet.

Who is this course suited to?:

Breeders with puppies aged between 8-20 weeks.

Course costs:

Starting at $99(incl. GST) per day
Airport Transfer $165 (incl. GST)

Stay and Train Program Overview:

Our Stay and Train program was developed to give dogs the best possible start in life by raising them during the most critical part of their development. The program was created by ex-police dog trainer / handler and groomer Nikki. Nikki has also trained Fire Ant Detection Dogs for Queensland Government.

Your pup will be raised in her household as part of her family along with her dogs, cats, horses and other Stay & Train Clients. Stay and Train has a set curriculum of intended outcomes for your puppy. Nikki has a history working with a large variety of breeds including German Shepherds, Labradors, Border Collies, Labradoodles, Cavoodles, Bordoodles, Moodles, Sheepadoodles.

Undesirable behaviours such as jumping, scratching, biting,
resource guarding are corrected whereas desirable
behaviours such as calmness, manners, obedience, impulse
control, crate training, socialisation and toilet training are
rewarded and encouraged.

A well-trained puppy will become a calm and valued member
of your Family. A dog should add to the quality of your life
and your family’s life and not be a burden.

Stay and Train outcomes for breeders:

  • Teaching calm behaviours to their Lines will encourage people to desire one of their lines to join families. People always ask for breeder recommendations when they see a calm, content & well-mannered puppy and owners always like to brag about their dogs to anyone that will listen.
  • Ability to sell dogs overseas and have the dog spend the 28 days with Nikki will ensure the puppy is content in a crate and with various loud and unusual noises. This will be more pleasant and ensure the dog travels well/ reducing their stress, ensuring when the dog arrives at its destination it’s not mentally stressed and fits nicely into its new family. Nikki has sent dogs to many parts of Europe and Asia.
  • Guardian dogs that will become a valued member of their breeding stock. If the dog does not have any development or calmness training the dog can become uncontrollable and erratic which is not good for passing on a nice temperament to their puppies. Which could develop into cutting the dog from its Breeding Programme. 

Stay and Train curriculum:

  • Crate training.
  • Vehicle Travel.
  • Visits to Vet for injections and health checks.
  • Socialise extensively with children / adults/ sporting fields / dogs/ trucks / livestock / shopping centres etc,
  • Toilet train ( we use the command “be quick” so you will be able to empty the dog out on command prior to bed or travel etc,
  • Basic obedience, ( sit, down, stay, watch, loose leash walking )
  • Familiar with a lead,
  • Get the dog into a routine,
  • Your dog will be fed a quality raw food diet.
  • Socialised around livestock & agriciltiral equipment.
  • Regular contact will be made with yourself including videos and pictures and happy to skype with you & your family.
  • Towards the end of the Training I will forward you a document that outlines all commands, food & your puppies routine.


To book or to find out more:

To make any enquiries or book a session or program please send an email to Nikki at


The proof is in the pudding. See what our clients have to say about our services.

Nikki took in our Charlie for board and train for 6 weeks. During this time, she kept us up to date and really took great care of our boy. 

It has been a month since Charlie has gone home with us and we can not ask for a better dog. He has come home crate trained, toilet trained (we really like “be quick”), recall is already reliable, confident and most important to us is that listens to when being told no. We have had a handful of experienced sitters that helped look after charlie since he has been home and everyone are extremely impressed by him. 

Nikki and her team has also gotten charlie used to grooming. This was really important to us especially due to the type of coat he ended up having. Brushing and combing him, cleaning his ears and face wasn’t an issue at all. He also already understood that he won’t get what he want if he doesn’t put up with grooming. 

As part of our research in getting a puppy we often saw “common” puppy issues talked about in different forums, online groups etc like issues with reactiveness  to other dogs and people, crate training, nipping/biting, toilet training, barking, destructiveness, pulling on walks and we are soooooo glad we don’t have any of these issues. 

So thank you Nikki and your team for the amazing job you’ve done with Charlie! You’ve set him up to great success

PS really love that you taught him to look at the camera. So instagramable 😆

Lilia   & Marcus
Stay & Train Course Participants 2021

Contact us!

To make any enquiries or book a session or program please send an email to Nikki at:

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